NiX Injector Apk For Android Latest v1.63

NiX Injector Apk is a superb injector app for Mobile Legend Bang Bang. It unlocks the features of ML BB for free. Download the app and join the world of ML.
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NiX Injector Apk is a special tool injector for Mobile Legend Bang Bang. It unlocks the features of ML BB through its amazing features. Mobile Legend is a well-known action game and supports multiplayer 5v5 battles. There are a lot of characters and effects in the game that you need to unlock to fully enjoy the battles. So NiX Injector is the solution.

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What is NiX Injector Apk?

ML BB is a popular game ruling over the internet and people are playing it with passion. It has fascinating skins, items, and many characters. Mobile Legends have many heroes and amazing gameplay. Players will see the amazing features of this game. But only a few normal skins are available for free. More advanced heroes and skins are locked and people have to pay money to unlock them.

In most cases, users do not like to pay the amount and they are looking for free resources. NiX Injector is the best application for this purpose. It unlocks all the skins and other advanced characters for free. Nix is an Injector app that controls the game. It is hard to believe that there are 365 skins of ML BB available at no cost with this injector. No doubt, it is a remarkable achievement and also there are dozens of other items.

The app itself is an excellent development in the world of ML. Can you imagine how thrilling it is to play the game in the presence of an ample supply of items? The players will be unstoppable and defeat all their enemies with the help of premium features.

So, all the items of NiX Injector Apk are the real support for you. With the advent of such a great app ML, BB is now more popular and its popularity is increasing day by day. People are going crazy after the update of the injector.

Even beginners could become pros and master their skills by us the application. It helps them to survive the exciting battles and overcome all the hurdles.

Role of NiX Injector Apk in ML BB:

There are plenty of mod apps and MOBA gamers are loving them and show a great interest in them. Because these tools help them to unlock premium features for free. The same is the case with Mobile Legend Bang Bang.

The game is dominating the internet and maintaining its position in all forms. Due to its exciting gameplay and other amazing features players are addicted to it.

The only problem that annoys the user of this game is its limited access to heroes and skins. To solve the issue, developers continuously try to find an alternative. Many apps give unlocked features but they also limit certain options. So, NiX Injector Apk is a super mod tool, that gives an unlimited supply of skins and other advanced effects. You can also download another injector: Injector Ml Apk Android Download

It is ideal for ML lovers and finally, they find an app that solves all of the problems single-handedly. It provides hundreds of skins, unlimited battle effects, drone views, customizes maps, and many other objects.

Moreover, regular updates make it more comprehensive and convenient. Now it is considered the master of all modifying tools.

Features of NiX Injector Apk:

Unlocked skins:

There are almost 446 official ML skins out of which more than 365 are available in this tool. You can get all these by doing nothing. Isn’t it amazing?

It covers all the prime groups like Assassin fighter, Mage, Tank, etc. You can get ML BB skin, skin-to-skin, and painted skin.

Effects Unlocking:

The app does not fail to surprise you with its extraordinary services. Here it will present another exciting update of effects.

  • Unlock Recall:

There are 12 recall effects including Zodiac, M1 glory, and more.

  • Unlock Respawn:

10 Respawn unlock features such as Descent, M1 Evos, and so on.

  • Elimination:

You will get 11 Eliminations, like K.O, RIP, Zing, etc.

Battle Effects:

The features of NiX Injector Apk are never-ending. Various unlock battle effects are as follows

  • Unlock Emote: 10 Emotes are unlocked, including the most famous RRQ Hoshi.
  • Unlock Analog: similarly, 10 analogs are available
  • Map Unlock: you can use 10 maps of Western Place, Celestial Palace, Magic Chess, etc.

Drone view in NiX Injector Apk:

It unlocks the drone camera for a flexible view and makes things visible. 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X, and Tablet View are present. Moreover, this Drone Map works 100% in Classic Brawl Rank.

Background Unlock:

Various background unlocks contain a background loading screen, lobby, and background profile. You can also enjoy the background music and play the game with more attention.

No password:

Any kind of app on the internet that unlocks so many features always needs passwords. But thanks to this super exciting tool as it gives unlimited free access without even a password.

 How to download NiX Injector Apk:

1. Click on the link below in this article to download the apk file.

2. It will redirect you to another page. You have to wait for a few seconds until the download starts.

3. Within a second, it will start downloading the file.

4. Upon download completion, locate the file in the downloads section.

5. Open it to install. You need to give some permissions, so go to the settings menu of your device.

6. It takes some time to properly install. When the installation is complete the app is ready to use.


NiX Injector Apk is the best tool that unlocks the advanced options in the ML BB game. It helps you to play the game and become unbeatable. So you must download the latest version of the tool and get benefits.


Why do the users prefer NiX Injector Apk?

Because it is safe and secure and has more features than other apps. Other injectors only unlock almost 100 plus skins for you but when it comes to the NiX injector it will unlock almost 365 plus skins for you.

What is the password for NiX Injector Apk?

Surprisingly, there is no password for this app. You can use the app as soon after downloading.


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How to install NiX Injector Apk For Android Latest v1.63 APK?

1. Tap on the downloaded NiX Injector Apk For Android Latest v1.63 APK file from

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps given on the information page.

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