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Dino Tamers Mod Apk is an action adventure game in which you can tame the dinosaurs and fight different battles. Tame & ride Dinosaurs in an Open World Adventure. Battle for Survival!
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Dino Tamers Mod Apk is a fantastic game of action and adventure. This game takes you back to a prehistoric time when dinosaurs were prevailing. Dinosaurs are the most ferocious animals once present on Earth. Many game developers have developed games on dinosaur themes, and these games were fantastic. Dino Tamers Mod Apk is one of them.

Indeed Dino Tamers Mod Apk takes you to the Jurassic period, the era of dinosaur dominance. In this period, dinosaurs were so abundant that everyone became a victim of their pray.

This game is based on the same theme. You have to be brave to face off the biggest creature on Earth.

Additionally, the game has amazing graphics, simple and attractive interface, and exciting content that never lets you get bored.

About this game:

Dino Tamers Mod Apk is an adventurous action game in which you must dive into a jungle in search of dinosaurs. You can explore a huge island where dinosaurs are in plenty. You have to survive on the island with the help of dinosaurs.

For this purpose, you can tame them and make them familiar to you. It is a multiplayer game in which many players participate online and fight their battles.

You can also make the team with other players, which makes it easy to defeat others. The game completes in two parts, the first is the collection of dinos, and the second is the role-playing action of fighting.

The gameplay of Dino Tamers Mod Apk:

Dino Tamers Mod Apk is an AR (Augmented Reality ) game that gives a real-time integration of visuals and audio of the game.

The gameplay is very interesting and engaging. Welcome to the fantastic world of Arcadia, where dinosaurs live with other fauna. In this prehistoric world, there is a variety of mighty dinosaurs, and you have to live with them and explore their world.

The game is set back in Jurassic times when humans could live with dinosaurs. Because human beings cannot find a way that takes them back, they are bound to live with these mighty monsters. They learn to cope with this environment and make the dinosaurs their support for survival.

With time, humans begin to show their survival abilities by using instincts and mastery. They start to tame these deadliest creatures, mount them, and even hunt some of them.

It would be best if you had a dinosaur to protect you from surviving in such an environment. So, the first need is to start hunting. Go and find the dinosaurs; capture them by hiding yourself behind the bushes.

Dino Tamer Mod Apk provides various taming objects. All you have to do is find your target, hide, and throw the objects on the target. If the device hits the target, then they are yours. Tame them and use them against others.

Moreover, a base in the woods houses the tamed dinosaurs, a lab, and a PVP arena. All these are unlocked in the mod version.

Features of Dino Tamers Mod Apk:

Some amazing features of Dino Tamers Mod Apk make it most popular among the masses.

Variety of dinosaurs:

In this game, there are several dinosaurs like herbivores, omnivores, carnivores, etc. All of them have their special physical characteristics and distinctive powers. So, you can customize their colours and features and give them equipment to fight against enemies.

It is possible Because you tame them so they can be trained to become more strong.

Collection of Dinosaurs:

One of the major goals of this game is to collect different dinosaurs and add them to your collection. So, you must explore every corner of this prehistoric world and collect the best of them. In this whole process, you will face many battles and boss fights.

Unlock new maps and dinos by completing your tasks:

In Dino Tamers Mod Apk, you will encounter several fights at different stages. In real PvP battles, fight with other tamers and level up your scores.

By completing each level, you will unlock a new map and dino. Hence, fight intelligently and unlock new ventures!

Great adventures in Dino Tamers Mod Apk:

Humans are always vulnerable in a world full of monsters like dinosaurs.

Dino Tamers is a great adventure game in which you are at risk every time. You have to be very careful to survive in this environment.

All the pathways and course of the game is full of adventures.

Multiplayer RPG game:

Dino Tamers Mod Apk is a multiplayer role-playing game. In this game, the player hunts the dinosaurs and can catch them and tame them. Dinosaurs’ battle is a real-time experience for the player. So, you can tame many dinosaurs simultaneously, and every animal has unique capacities and powers.

You can play with members from all over the world. Also, you can make the team and fight in battle arena mode.

Unlimited Money, Gems, and Coins:

In the mod version, you will get unlimited money, coins, and everything you want. You will collect coins and unlock a new level by completing each stage. So, Different tasks are waiting for you to complete within the given time. Hence, upon completion, money, gems, and coins are rewarded. Be more vigilant and collect more!

No Ads:

Ads are sophisticated and interrupt your play. The mod apk version of Dino Tamers does not contain any advertisement. So, it will never let you get bored and disturbed by these useless ads.

Unlimited premium skins:

The game also gives you unlimited skins. It is the most fantastic feature of this game. It offers several premia unlock skins that you can customize your dino with it.

Equip your tamed dinosaurs with these skins and enjoy the game.

Download and install Dino Tamers Mod Apk:

The downloading and Installationinstallation process is simple and completed in a few steps. These are as follows

1. The link for downloading is available in this article. Click on the link below, which will take you to a direct download page.

2. When you click the link, the apk file starts downloading. A pop-up appears when the download completes.

3. Once the download completes, go to the download manager and search the apk data file.

4. Go to the settings menu and open the security option. Here allow the unknown sources. After that, you can install all kinds of apps

5. Open the apk data file and click “install.”

6. It will ask for some basic permissions and give them according to the instructions on the screen.

7. The file will install on your device within a few minutes.

8. An app icon appears on your screen, and you can open it anytime. All you need is just an internet connection.

Note: uninstall any previous version of this game before the Installation of the mod version.

What’s New:

  • Version 2.13
  • PVP CHESTS! Earn PvP chests by winning Team PvP matches.
  • Name your dinos! Give each dino a unique name in the dino menu
  • Tamed dinos with no habitat now remain in pen without escaping!
  • Habitat research tasks have been removed, and building and upgrading are now unlocked at Rank 4.
  • Taming bug fix: Tamers sometimes doing the wrong taming progress has been fixed


Summing up all the discussion, Dino Tamers Mod Apk is the best action role-playing game that takes you to prehistoric times. So, here you can live with dinosaurs and capture them to survive on the planet. This game is multiplayer, and players can participate from around the world. The game gives you a real-time fighting experience by going through many adventures and places.

There are several game modes, and you can enjoy all the features easily.

Dino Tamers Mod Apk is available for all your devices.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will the Dino Tamers Mod Apk work on my device?

Yes, the Dino tamers Mod Apk is compatible with 99% of all Android devices and also iOS. So, it will work on your device.

Is it safe to use Dino Tamers Mod Apk?

It is safe to use Dino Tamers Mod Apk because it does not ask for personal information like email id, name, etc. It just asks for storage permission so that you can download and save it on your smartphone.




What's new

Version 2.13

- PVP CHESTS! Earn PvP chests by winning Team PvP matches.

- Name your dinos! Give each dino a unique name in the dino menu

- Tamed dinos with no habitat now remain in the pen without escaping!

- Habitat research tasks have been removed, building and upgrading are now all unlocked at Rank 4.

- Taming bug fix: Tamers sometimes doing the wrong taming progress has been fixed


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How to install Dino Tamers Mod Apk (Unlimited Money/Gems) APK?

1. Tap on the downloaded Dino Tamers Mod Apk (Unlimited Money/Gems) APK file from kingMasterApk.com

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps given on the information page.

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