Dino Hunter Deadly Shores Mod Apk 2022

Embark on a hunting expidition of a lifetime in DINO HUNTER DEADLY SHORES MOD Apk. Hunt or be hunted! This is an action game full of adventures. The game is available for all your devices.
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DINO HUNTER DEADLY SHORES Mod Apk is free for Android. This free Android game allows you to hunt dinosaurs. The familiar first-person shooter gameplay will still be present, but Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores opponents will be creatures from prehistoric times, such as dinosaurs.


It is a fantastic dinosaur action game developed by Glu. DINO HUNTER DEADLY SHORES Mod Apk is a very addictive 3D game in which you hunt for real dinosaurs that lived millions of years ago on our planet. Show off your skills and get more weapons. You can track down prey and attack it if it doesn’t expect you to. But be careful because even a hunter could become dinner. As you play the game, you’ll find various weapons and animals. Additionally, High-quality graphics will be captivated by even the most ardent lovers of beautiful images.

The gameplay of DINO HUNTER DEADLY SHORES Mod Apk:

This game will see players play the role of a skilled hunter. Players only have two choices in this challenging battle: hunt or hunted. There will be many campaigns, and each campaign will offer players the chance to encounter many types of dinosaurs.

The species of dinosaurs include herbivores and omnivores, as well as carnivores. Moreover, players can also face runners or aerial assassins. In addition, you can also travel to different locations due to the climate and weather.

Hence, the campaign begins with instructions given to players to destroy one or more dinosaur objects. It will allow them to get comfortable with the game. The rest is up to you. Depending on its species, you should be able to hunt the correct type of dinosaur. Herbivores and Omnivorous dinosaurs, for example, will hide in the bushes when they hear unusual sounds. The player must be patient in this situation to make the aim precise without making sounds.

You should not be surprised if you run into Velociraptor. It is a fast-running predatory dinosaur that can move at high speeds. Unlike other dinosaurs that tend to run, Velociraptor will turn around and attack you quickly if it spots your existence. Mentally prepared players best face this species.

You can also download another Dino game: Dino Tamers Mod Apk (Unlimited Money/Gems)  is an action-adventure game in which you can tame the dinosaurs and fight different battles. Tame & ride Dinosaurs in an Open World Adventure. Battle for Survival!

Main Features of the DINO HUNTER DEADLY SHORES Mod Apk:

Hunt Dinosaurs with Different objects:

Get out in the wilderness and hunt for the wildest animals. Because no one is on your side, you can trust yourself. Don’t worry! Dino Hunter Mod Apk provides a detailed guide on how to play the game. It will also cover important things to remember when shooting dinosaurs. Fire missiles at any dinosaur, whether a flying pterosaur or a land Velociraptor. Many animals are waiting for you.

You can also visit many places from the Jurassic Period. You can kill dinosaurs in dangerous Jurassic environments like shipwrecks and lush forests. Hence, you require different weapons for different areas. At the beginning of the DINO HUNTER DEADLY SHORES Mod Apk, every player has a gun. The gun can only fire one bullet at a given time, so it must be accurate.

Face multiple species of dinosaurs in diverse environments:

You will find unique dinosaurs in each location. So, it is an excellent opportunity to hunt for these strange creatures and learn more about them.

You will also confront long-extinct animals, from the small Velociraptor to the giant T-rex. Find out about dinosaurs that lived in different environments.

Explore Different Islands:

Begin your journey by exploring various places that will amaze and delight you with their beauty. You can now move forward to follow the trail of the first dinosaur and kill your prey. There will be many weapons available to you in various classes and abilities.

It will block some guns during the first stages. You will not be able to unlock them until the end of the game. Continue your dangerous hunt and learn many fascinating facts about each dinosaur species. You must find your way out of different situations and do your best to stay alive. Explore all the areas on the map to prove you’re a dinosaur hunter.

Cinematic Graphics of DINO HUNTER DEADLY SHORES Mod Apk:

Dino Hunter features beautiful 3D graphics interfaces that engage with every session. Dino Hunter is a first-person shooter. You will play the role of a dinosaur hunter and eliminate specific dinosaurs. It sounds so real that each dinosaur’s roar is almost scary.

You can slam your rifle and move around the base, looking for your target. Thanks to the realistic graphics, you will feel as if you are in a Jurassic setting. When you see dinosaurs running at you, you can’t help feeling the adrenaline rush.

DINO HUNTER DEADLY SHORES Mod Apk is one of the most popular mobile games, thanks to its high-resolution textures, realistic Jura patterns, and other great features. This game is for those who love adventure and exploration. If you love adventures, download your favorite shooter to your smartphone to start playing.

Easy and intuitive controls:

Developers introduce Dino Hunter’s simple hunting gameplay to gamers. You can use the touch controls and gestures to move your characters, aim at prey and take your shot.

In this game you can also get the vital aim, allowing you to take a quick breakthrough at the target when they approach you. Hence, be sure that you hit the target accurately, so you don’t fall to the ground.

Explore Exotic places and find the Giant Monsters:

You can also explore many exotic places on the vast map. You can hunt dinosaurs in Jurassic jungles along shipwrecked coastlines and mountain caves. Moreover, there are also endless skyscrapers that you could explore, as well as dive into the ocean to find aquatic creatures.

Many shooter challenges:

The game features a series of shooting challenges introducing players to Dino Hunter. Players can collect their favorite weapons and defeat the dinosaurs. Hence, you can get rich loot by performing different shooting sequences using various weapons. You can unlock a legendary gun that will quickly kill all beasts.

Dramatic sound effects:

The background music is almost non-existent in this game. It is just the highlight of the sound effect. Fear and danger will be brought to you by the sounds of running footsteps, screaming, and gunfire. It is a thrilling experience that every hunter should try at least once.

If you love shooting and want to see the gore in FPS games, this game is for you. In short, it is a masterpiece in graphics, gameplay, and sound effects.

Unlimited Money/Everything:

Download DINO HUNTER DEADLY SHORES Mod  Apk to get the best experience in dinosaur hunting. So, it is the best version because it allows you to enjoy all of the game’s features unlimited.

You will have unlimited money and everything you need. It allows you to unlock all weapons at the beginning of the game. You can upgrade them free of charge. This unblocked version is available for free without having to spend a dollar. 

Free to play for all Devices:

The game is free for mobile users, despite its many exciting features. It is easy to install on your mobile devices, and you don’t have to pay anything. So, It’s also delightful, even if you don’t want to make in-app purchases.

What’s New:

  • Game performance improvements
  • and bug fixes

How to download and Install:

First, delete any previous versions of this game from your device. Next, navigate to settings and click on security. Click on Enable the Unknown Sources.

It is easy to download the mod APK file. These are the steps required to install this app on Android.

  1. To download the file, click on the link below in this article.
  2. When you click on the link a new page will open. Here, on this page you will find a direct download link. click on the “Ready to Download” button.
  3. The file starts downloading in a few seconds.
  4. Please wait for the download to complete, then you can open it.
  5. The file will store in the download manager of your system.
  6. Install the app on your Android device. For installation locate the recently downloaded file in the downloads section of your device. Click on it to open.
  7. Follow the instructions on your screen.
  8. After installing it properly, you can start the game and take advantage of all its unique features.

Final Verdict:

DINO HUNTER DEADLY SHORES Mod Apk is a fantastic game that will take you on a new adventure with enormous dinosaurs. This version promises attractive features and a wild area full of dangers.

So, you can win assault rifles, shotguns, and shotguns by advancing through various shooter games. For even more rewards, make your kills and complete all of them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How many levels can you find on DINO HUNTER DEADLY SHORES Mod Apk’s dangerous shores?

There are 34 regions in this game. All the levels have their difficulties and quests.


Yes, this game is free of cost and available for all your devices. The compatibility of this game is very high and you can play the game on any device you want.

What's new

Bug fixes and other improvements to game performance

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How to install Dino Hunter Deadly Shores Mod Apk 2022 APK?

1. Tap on the downloaded Dino Hunter Deadly Shores Mod Apk 2022 APK file from kingMasterApk.com

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps given on the information page.

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