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Sonic Forces Pro MOD Apk is a thrilling adventure and racing game. It is an ultimate racing game with super fast speed. The main character is the beautiful Hedgehog the logo character of all Sonic game series. Available for all devices.
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Sonic Forces Pro Mod Apk is a thrilling racing game with many adventures. It gives highly adventurous racing with superactive characters of the famous Sonic world.

Sonic is the blue hedgehog and the main character of this game. So many Sonic games have been released, and developers are adding more.

SEGA is the developer of this game. All the series are exciting with splendid features. Among many others, Sonic Forces pro-MOD Apk is an action game with high-speed racing and lots of adventures. It gives the realistic experience of running and chasing the destination. This is a multiplayer game where you can play with more than one character. The characters are according to your choice.

Racing in this game is not like normal racing. Ultra-high-speed players and their racing strategies take the game beyond the normal level. As the name Sonic forces show that it makes the players run at the ‘speed of light’. With rigorous running for an entire competition the game, the racing is called “Battle racing”

The game is designed so beautifully that its visualization mesmerizes the viewer. The graphics and coloring themes are perfect and give a soothing effect to the eyes. High-quality image resolution and setup of roads, objects, and other items make it attractive and captivating.

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Overview of the game:

Sonic Forces Pro Mod Apk is a battle racing game that involves different players.

The main character is a hedgehog, Sonic, and many others. It is a rigorous battle of running in which the players fight with one another to win the Race.


There are many characters in this game, and you have to choose one and play that. The characters are Sonic, Amy, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Rogue, and many others.

Usually, seven models of characters and you have to choose your character as one of them. Each character has unique skills and capabilities.

For instance, a Bird can fly over obstacles. Rabbit has super fast speed.

The cat will hold a ring. A dog can recover by getting 5 rings. Hedgehog can reboot with 5 rings after facing defeat.


The gameplay of this adventurous and super-fast game is not like any other simple racing game. It is something beyond and above just simple running.

In Sonic Forces Pro MOD Apk you start racing with other players at ultra-high speed. But the game is not limited to just speed because there are so many traps and obstacles along the way.

So you need an excellent strategy to win the Race and come over the hidden traps.

Each character has a unique capacity which is called an item. When running with them, you have to be very careful as they are very cunning. They made you run faster and attack you from the back to get over you.

These behind-the-back attacks prove lethal to the player and add thrill and challenges to the game. Hence, they make the game more competitive and fun for the player.

Racing tracks are also tricky and, at some points, are straight. But they also have common hurdles. So instead of just running, the player also devised a mind map to cross them easily.

Hence, the game requires the full-time attention of the player and does not give a single moment to take the eyes off. Otherwise, he will slow down and lose the competition.

This game is high-speed and furious in all aspects.

Specifications of the Pro Mod version of Sonic Forces:

The latest update contains so many innovations and modifications that are simply fantastic.

One of them is the character unlock option. In common updates of Apk, you have to play as Sonic with four unlock characters Amy, Tails, and Cream. Throughout the game, you are playing with them.

In the Pro MOD version, there are 38 characters, and all of them are unlocked. These are divided into four categories wiz, Common, Rare, Super rare, and Special. They are categorized according to their power and speed.

Speed is the focal point of the classification. Strength is the power of response when an enemy attacks.

Features of Sonic Forces Pro MOD Apk

Three-dimensional Graphics:

The excellent 3D graphics make it super attractive. The high-quality images and splendid scenery give the player a sense of pleasure and joy.

It attracts the attention of people with its splendid visuals. The beautiful design of racing tracks draws the attention of players.

Bonus point maximizing

The game is packed with new challenges at every interval. So be careful in playing. So, you can get to a point without collapsing by attentively playing. And hence bonus points are given and are added to your record.

Collection of Rewards by winning the Race

Winning the Race is a great challenge. Because every character is super fast and skillful, it is a tough competition that gives a tough time to every player.

The player who wins can get many rewards and collect them to save a life in the following rounds.

All Features unlocked / unlimited money.

The Mod version has some significant advantages. Because this version introduces all the unlocked characters. There is a variety of characters in this version.

Totally 38 characters are available, and all are unlocked. So they make the game more tricky and highly entertaining.

Ads-free gameplay

The app does not include advertisements, and this feature adds more chances to its publicity. Users can get an ad-free experience

It starts with 100 Rings

MOD features are attractive. There is the freedom to start the game with multiple Rings.

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Is Sonic Forces MOD Apk free?

Yes! The game is free of cost.

Is it safe to download the Apk version of Sonic Forces?

Of course! It is thoroughly tested and all set to download. It is safe and ensures high protection.

Are Sonic Forces a good game?

Sonic Forces’ aesthetics are very amazing. Everything looks amazing including the backgrounds of various levels as well as your characters’ appearance, attacks that your enemies throw at you, and the cutscenes featuring rapid-paced events. We loved how the levels dealt with various lighting conditions because they could change from the bright light of day to complete darkness in only minutes.

Which one is better? Sonic Mania or Sonic Forces?

If you have to pick between Sonic Forces and Sonic Mania opt for the former. Mania is the more high-end game and everything is put together more smoothly. Also, it has a “throwback” feel to it and focuses on several aspects of the series that long-time Sonic players love.

What's new

We’re taking things to the next level! Win all-new movie characters and experience a brand-new track in our exclusive Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Movie Event!


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2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps given on the information page.

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