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Secret Neighbor Apk is a horror based action game that is designed to solve a puzzle. It has AI system that makes it unique and protected.
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Secret Neighbor Apk is full-time action and horror game. It has a user-friendly interface and high-quality video presentation. Basically, it has a story that centers upon the revealing of secrets. This game uses Artificial Intelligence technology which specifically records previous actions and moves of the player and sets new traps, so it makes the game more competitive.

Secret Neighbor Apk is mainly a detective game in which you become able to see your neighbor’s activities which he doing in the basement. In fact, there is a secret hidden in the neighbor’s house that he used to hide from others. The goal of this game is to find the key to the basement and unveil that dark secret.

The basic survival mode of the game enables the player to sneak around the house and search for secrets. Hence, this game has fantastic graphics and dynamic features. It is a multiplayer game with lots of fun and adventures.

About the game and characters:

Different characters are involved in this game. A player can customize the appearance of characters. Mostly there are 8 characters at one time and these are presented as

  • The Neighbor acts as a ghost and hides the secret in his house.
  • The detective clicks pictures, bagger will carry the children.
  • Leader, scout, clown, form group and collect gears that collectively help in defeating the neighbor.
  • Among 8 players, one is paranoid as a neighbor and the other 7 actively take part to search for the hidden key to unlock the secret.
  • Moreover, the player is free to choose any character based on his choice.

Also, download: Secret Neighbor Mod Apk for Android & iOS (Unlock All Levels) is an action horror game for survival. Basically, it deals with the process of finding a hidden key to reach the final mystery.


As the game consists of 8 players, one of them acts as a mysterious neighbor and others find a way to have access to the basement where the secret is hidden.

The role of a disguised neighbor is to create obstacles and harness difficulties so that they cannot find the key to that hidden thing. For this purpose, he can go up against the trust of other characters and distract them with his power.

The main task of the player is to find a way into the neighbor’s house and get into it. After landing in the house he has to solve a number of puzzles at different stages and gather information and item to reach out of the basement.  While doing these actions a player must not be noticed by the mysterious neighbor because if the neighbor found him, he will chase and try to capture him.

If a player is caught by the ghost he will not be able to reach the destination. As the game uses AI so once a player got captured the AI system gets information about the strategy, therefore next time each level will be more complicated. So, the player can use throwing objects to stop the competitors.

Friendly neighbor mode is also available for this game. If a player turns on this mode, it prevents the neighbor from setting traps and obstacles based on previous actions. Ghost neighbor is less aggressive in this mode.

A player can use certain objects for defense and throw them at the enemy when needed. Up to four objects can be kept at a time.

Features of the Secret Neighbor Apk:

The game has fantastic features that make it more interesting.

  1. Playing multiple characters :

Teaming up with other characters you can play as intruders and rush into the neighbor’s house. Here you have to find a key that helps unlock the secret hidden in the basement. Hence, an intruder has many roles. For instance, you can act like an engineer who has cool gadgets to fight an enemy. Also, you can act as a bagger who will rescue children when the basement is unlocked.

  1. Play as a ghost (the Neighbor):

The ghostly character neighbor is actually a paranoid character. He kidnaped the children and kept them in a basement that is locked. He always tries to prevent others from reaching their destination. You can play as a Neighbor also and have a mysterious job.

  1. Advanced AI ( Artificial Intelligence):

Highly competitive AI makes the game more complex. When a player starts the game it records every move and saves it and when you start over again. Moreover, it helps the neighbor to modify his strategies. Because of this feature, the game is tricky.

  1. Crafted Objects:

As the AI records your strategies, this feature will help to collect objects. So with the help of these, you can make gadgets and use them to cope with an AI-based system.

  1. Rewards:

By crossing the obstacles at every stage extra rewards are given to the player. So this helped in saving his life during the encounter.

Download Guide for Secret Neighbor Apk:

To Download Secret Neighbor Apk you have to follow these steps:

  1. Open the play store from your device and search for this app.
  2. Click on the app and open it. Here, it will give you an option “Download now”. Click it and it will start downloading.
  3. Within the blink of an eye, the app is downloaded to your system.
  4. There is another method of downloading. Visit the link in this article and open it.
  5. A new page will open, on this page click on the download option.
  6. The Apk file of this application will start downloading.
  7. When the download completes, go to the download manager and click on the file.
  8. It may ask for permission “Ready to install”, click yes and proceed further.
  9. Follow the instructions at every step. After a few steps, the process of installing the application will be complete.
  10. Your main screen displays this game in the form of an icon. Just open it and you are all in to play.

What’s New in Secret Neighbor Apk:

The game has improved features and all the glitches and difficulties are removed. By using soft graphics, it is easy to separate competitors. Moreover, all bugs are fixed.

Closing Remarks:

Secret Neighbor Apk is a fantastic game with unlimited features and beautiful graphics. The enhances your problem-solving skills because you have to tackle AI here, so your brain will work more efficiently to cope with the challenges. It is based on a hide and seeks nature in which you have to search for hidden secrets. So if you want to enjoy quality time while playing this is the best choice.

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3. Follow the steps given on the information page.

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