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Minecraft PE 1.17 Apk Free (Caves & Cliffs)


Minecraft PE 1.17 Apk is a brand new update in Minecraft world. This version added interesting items and biomes. It is available freely for all your devices
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Minecraft PE 1.17 Apk is all about exploring the caves and Cliffs and playing with strategy. Caves and Cliffs will change the way you play Minecraft. Caves and cliffs is a cool caves and add the addition of some extraordinary Addons. In the caves, some cliffs will entertain you with an extraordinary panorama from the latest update of Minecraft.

Minecraft PE 1.17 Apk is all about exploring the caves and Cliffs and playing with strategy. Caves and Cliffs will change the way you play Minecraft. Caves and cliffs is a cool caves and add the addition of some extraordinary Addons. In the caves, some cliffs will entertain you with an extraordinary panorama from the latest update of Minecraft.

About Minecraft PE 1.17 Apk:

Minecraft is a popular game in the entire world. Recently the development team of Mojang Studios released a new version of Minecraft 1.17.34 caves and cliffs. They made a lot of innovations in the game.

These innovations are both in technical and visual aspects. Also, there are many improvements in terms of compatibility and bug fixation.

In this edition, many new items are added like blocks and mobs etc. Also, you can go underwater and pair up with the Axolotl and swim with them. This game changes the entire features in a new way. So, you have to be careful about your enemies and attackers.

In Minecraft PE 1.17 Apk hostile mobs can spawn in dark places only. It does not work in the light. Check the previous version of Minecraft: Minecraft Apk For Android Latest Version is Free Download


The gameplay of Minecraft PE 1.17 is thrilling and very vast. You can play the game with different strategies. As this version includes the caves and cliffs. So you can start exploring the caves. Many thrilling tasks are waiting for you in the deep caves.

The world of Minecraft is full of daily crafting, swords and much more. You can build many tools for building and crafting. Also, it is a multiplayer game and you can play with your friends. Participate in online Gameplay by teaming up with your friends and fighting against enemies.

Moreover, the players can create anything they want by using blocks and mobs. For instance, they can create shelter, a settlement, various mines to explore and various taming animals.

When you start playing the game you will experience a world bursting with possibilities. You will need the courage to play the game and prepare yourself to confront the horror when you explore the caves.

In addition, there are deadly ghosts to frighten you and also many other creatures preventing you from reaching the endpoint. But don’t worry and have courage because you will not be able to collect the gems until you are the bravest.

Modes of the Game:

There are various game modes available that are as listed below:

 Survival mode,  Creative Mode,  Hard-core Mode  Observation &

 Adventure mode

New innovative features of Minecraft PE 1.17 Apk:

The new update of Minecraft includes many modifications and players will have a variety of new and thrilling activities. Check out another update of Minecraft: Minecraft PE 0.14.0 Download Apk For Android

Explore a Vast Open World:

Minecraft has an infinite map with endless possibilities. You have the option to explore the world on land as well as underwater.

There are forests, deserts, water beds, caves, mines, and much more. Its resources are never ending and if you want to explore more you can go underground and create more.

You can cut the trees, mine the ores, make weapons, and use the materials to build armour and weapons. Hence you can explore the complete Minecraft world.

Lush Caves:

An amazing thing is the addition of large and mighty caves in the new update of Minecraft.

Large caves are planted with different new types of plants and also some areas are flooded with water.

Also, there is a Dripstone Caves, the cave is for mineral formation. These caves are very dangerous as they have very sharp crystals. So, if the player falls on them he might get injured.

Amethyst and geodes:

A brand new resource is added in the new version of MCPE 1.17. As there are many caves and cliffs in this edition, Amethyst is a gem that is generated by the cave. The cave is called geodes.

Amethyst Geodes contain powerful blocks and also small crystals. When the player walks on the block it will give a sound. Hence, the player can only break these rocks with different equipment.

Underground Water is Added:

The world of Minecraft has major modifications in the update. Underground water has been added to it. Mountains have become steeper and higher, ore underground will be generated in groups.

Additionally, the powdered Snow is available through which the player will fall through, and new structures have been added.

New Mob: Glow Squid:

As there is the addition of water, so do the water creatures. Glow squid is a water creature with a glow, so its name came from this glowing characteristic.

Hence, these are present in the depths of the sea and underground caves. So, they are the new sources of light there.

The Axolotl in Minecraft PE 1.17:

A new type of fish in the underwater lush caves. You can catch the Axolotl in buckets and also tame them up. There is an advantage of taming. Because tame Axolotl protects the player.

The Warden:

Warden is also a mob. It is sensitive to sound and senses the arrival of the player. When you run it catches you up. Its catching speed increases when you run faster. So, to win you have to sneak your performance.


With a spyglass, you will be able to find a territory from the distance. It is a new advancement in the Minecraft World. You can inspect various areas. It is a glass tube that increases the vision tenfold. Hence, it helps you to bring the desired object closer and see everything well from afar.

How to download and install Minecraft PE 1.17:

1. Click on the link and it will direct you to another page. Wait for a few seconds and then a direct download link is ready to download.

2. Click on that link and it will start downloading to your system. The download progress is shown on a bar at the bottom of your screen.

3. When the download completes it will notify you. And it only takes a few seconds for completion.

For installation of the app file, follow these steps:

• You have to go to the download section of your device and locate the MCPE 1.17 apk file there.

•  Now, click on the file to open it. Here It will ask for some permissions. Give the permissions by going to the settings menu.

• Open the < settings < installation from unknown sources< Allow.

• Return to the installation. Click ready to install. And in a very short time, the file will be installed on your system.

• An icon of the app appears on your screen. Tap to open and enjoy the game anytime anywhere.

Sum Up:

The new update of Minecraft PE 1.17 is thrilling and exciting. It includes many innovations and becomes more popular. With this update, people are now more curious and want to get it.

With a lot of new features, this game will serve you and you will never get bored of playing it. So, you must download the application and enjoy the game.

FAQs about Minecraft PE 1.17:

Is it safe to use Minecraft PE 1.17?

Yes, Mojang Studios has officially upgraded the app, so there is no security threat and you can easily use it.

Is Minecraft PE 1.17 free?

Of course, it is freely available. You don’t need to pay for it and also it is compatible with all devices. So just download the game and enjoy it.

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