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This Game King of Avalon is based on Dragon Warfare. It is a strategy game that will make you feel like the king of the world.
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This Game King of Avalon apk is based on Dragon Warfare. It is a strategy game that will make you feel like the king of the world. You’re given a tiny kingdom to manage and then your battle begins here. You can conquer as the monarch and develop an efficient strategy to win battles and lead the vast kingdom as emperor using the resources you acquire.

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A review of King of Avalon mod APK

King Arthur died in battle when his cousin Mordred was betrayed by his cousin Mordred. The body of his remains is now interred in a stronghold on the Avalon’s sacred island, alongside his legendary sword, Excalibur. To crown the new King and unify the Avalon kingdom, Excalibur must be resurrected. It is divided into battle cities. Many want Excalibur’s strength and power, there’s only one spot on the King’s Throne.

The King of Avalon Hack APK is set in gorgeous medieval England which resurrects the myth of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Create a strong city, build your army, master the military tactics to fight medieval foes, build your dragon to be a sprite, and much more! To be able to withstand any attack and increase your odds of winning, join an alliance that is multi-player! The epic kingly battle is set to begin! Build the largest empire.

For PvP missions, you can raise dragons and build an army of troops to take down Excalibur and be crowned King. When you meet new enemies and friends along the way, you’ll experience a feeling of power and triumph. In multiplayer games, you can talk and help trade, and battle with other players from around the globe. King Arthur’s demise left the throne empty… Prepare for the Middle Ages! The great battle of the dragon to take over the kingdom has started.

Features of King Of Avalon MOD APK

Gold in King of Avalon mod APK

Within King of Avalon Hack APK, gold is the most valuable asset. It is the most important and first resource you’ll need to be successful. Daily rewards can now be exchanged for gold resources. Gold can be acquired through event rewards. Gold resources are also accessible for purchase. It is necessary to spend real money to acquire virtual gold within the game. Gold coins are exchanged to purchase goods and upgrades for your heroes. Gold will be among the resources that will be added to your existing account. 

Iron, wood, food, and silver in King of Avalon mod APK

Other items that are available in the game include food as well as iron, wood, and silver. The troops must be stocked with food before they can move on. They require food to live. So that the greater number of troops you have there’s more food you’ll have to cook. Since soldiers eat food, you need to ensure they are full constantly. Through a battle with nearby settlements, food can be gathered or taken. Improve your town’s appearance by making it an improved place. To increase the quantity of food that is produced and increase the number of farms. Each of these options they are time-consuming which is not what you require.

It’s not just wood or food, today, iron is also a commodity. It is possible to obtain an endless quantity of Iron resources without having to use an Iron Mine. Make improvements to your structures and you’ll not be waiting for production. Rapid and constant progress is achieved. Not to be forgotten there are silver resources. They are among the most valuable assets and can only be acquired through The Silver Mine. Most upgrades need silver which is depleted quickly. To boost the production of silver it is necessary to construct the most Silver Mines as feasible. It is no longer necessary to build these mines.


It is not a kingdom without a fortress, and you must maintain it. If you’ve got enough resources, go back to your fortress to increase the level of your fortress. You’ll have access to more features and facilities as you progress in level. This is essential at the beginning stages of the game.

The fortress of King of Avalon can’t be upgraded indefinitely. In some instances, it could require prerequisites that aren’t only related to resources. It is necessary to upgrade several structures before you can improve the fortress. The most efficient way to do this is to update your structures until your fortress needs to be upgraded. It will save you time and you won’t need to hurry to catch up with anything you missed in by doing this.

 Dragons and heroes

As we’ve previously mentioned that gaining Hero Exp is one method to ensure that your heroes are in the top position at their craft. It improves their stats as well as other aspects. To boost their combat power it is possible to use Hero Shards and Hero Skill Scrolls. You can obtain them through events, quests, and monster fights if you can’t find them in the Summoning Circle. You’ll gain an advantage when fighting if you utilize Hero Shards to raise a hero’s star level. However, more shards from the current hero are required which makes the rarer heroes harder to get started with.

Input the field

You will be directed to a section that you can look around by pressing the lower right corner of your screen. In addition, there are many resources within this field. Farms, silver and iron mines, monsters, as well as other players contribute to the bulk of the excitement in the game.

The lines with dots across the board indicate the army of another player. If the line appears white, the opponent is not going to engage with you. In the case of a red line, this indicates that an army of enemies is advancing toward your city. If you’re able to wait until the enemy is in make sure you have your defenses in place! In the course, we’ll discuss how you can manage your time while building defenses.

If you’d like to lure an opponent to join your forces, you could set up camp in their city. Be prepared for a pounding since If you were in their shoes you’d dispatch your most powerful soldiers to drive them out.

Because you receive a wealth of sources every time you go to this site, coming often will aid in training more troops, increasing the defenses of your base, and speeding up the construction process. In terms of resources, it’s an easy decision.

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Everyone benefits when they join an organization, clan, or alliance, as they’re referred to in the game King of Avalon. It has an alliance research element that grants each member of the alliance an increase in their performance by what’s been studied. It could be anything from an increase in the speeds of marching to improvements in the military as well as other things. One of the advantages of being part of an alliance is the fact that members (and everybody else) can assist one another in making training more efficient and construction or upgrading. Additionally, the alliance comes with an option called Gift Locker.

The gift Locker is an attribute that allows every alliance member to receive a different amount of gold. Alliance members and you can choose of offering these items to any member in the alliance. In addition to the swag, you will get by joining an alliance, it also has a specialized shop.


When the game rewards you with numerous rewards for accomplishing various tasks and goals You’ll likely be confused about the purpose of each item. If you’ve never performed this, now is the opportunity to review your inventory.

Review your inventory frequently to determine if you have any items you could use. Certain are bonuses that can be used only once or items that can be used to replenish your wood, food, or iron items quickly. These can also be treasure chests that require crucial synthesis.

If none is then they’re likely Speedup products. These kinds of items particularly can cut down the duration it takes your city to construct and upgrade or train. Remember that you shouldn’t use these tools if there are no other options. For example, if an adversary force arrives from afar and you’re not yet able to strengthen your defenses. The wall could take seven hours to finish, while they’ll arrive within 10 minutes. You could apply a Speedup to improve your wall to prevent the attack.

Dragon Skills

Dragons are the key element when playing your Android game King of Avalon Cheat APK. They’re quite helpful. With dragons, you will be able to quickly increase your power and conquer your world. Although they are important, should they not be fully developed, they may not have the same benefits as claimed. In the end, dragons place a high value on their skills. Install Avalon Mod, the King’s of Avalon Mod APK to have unlimited resources. Based on their rank, you can give your dragons various capabilities. The most crucial kinds of skills are classified into four categories that include assault, defense, gathering, and monsters. For each of the four categories, you will find eight skills. The abilities of guardian and attack can be associated with every major ability. You’ll be able to unlock all Dragons skills slots for free.

Unlimited number of points

To unlock further Dragon Skills and Dragon Skill Slots, dragons need to be upgraded. It is also possible to advance to the highest level you can achieve. To raise your dragons to 70 levels you’ll require 961 million points of experience. Make use of the APK King of Avalon to unlock this amazing feature to upgrade your dragons.

Installation of King of Avalon mod APK

  • To download, simply click the download icon below at
  • The download process will take a while to complete before opening it.
  • Download the app on it on your Android device and then install it.
  • Follow the entire inside directions.
  • Begin the game after it is fully installed. Enjoy all its incredible features.


The King of Avalon mod Apk is an online video game that can be played on smartphones and desktops. After you have completed your daily rewards, it is when the House Flipper money cheat engine is created. Army aspired to create an empire similar to King Arthur who was a victim of the whole dignity lost by his nephew Mordred however, he failed. In the end, you’ll be able to access this King of Avalon Reddit page on your device, from which you’ll be able to recruit your army of allies and train them to battle your enemies.

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