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Dislyte Mod Apk is a strategy game. The game's fictional storyline is set in the far future. The plot centers on mythical figures wielding the Nexus's ability to put the country back on track.
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Dislyte mod apk is a strategy game by LilithGames, a developer whose name is no longer unfamiliar to gamers after the company consistently published popular titles like Rise of Kingdoms and Warpath: Ace Shooter. The game’s fictional storyline is set in the far future. The plot centers on mythical figures wielding the Nexus’s ability to put the country back on track. The Los Espers fight vicious, never-ending extraterrestrial forces. In fact, the product has been in closed beta since April 16 and testers have provided a lot of helpful input.

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dislyte mod apk download


Review of Dislyte mod apk

A role-playing game called Dislyte MOD APK is full of intriguing people, enigmatic locations, and bloody conflicts. Wonder Games SG PTE. LTD., the company that provides the game, wants to give gamers an amazing and distinctive gaming experience. This game has a distinctive and captivating plot in which you acquire supernatural abilities through miracles. Protect the planet from its biggest space-based foes.

The game starts with an army of unusual creatures descending from space to the surface of the world. These monsters seize cities and regions and pose a threat to the entire planet. However, a miracle also occurred when these creators came into being—a sound wave.

Some people were impacted by these sonic waves and discovered that they were gaining supernatural abilities akin to those of mythological gods. These people are known as Espers, and they are the new heroes of the twenty-first century who are able to battle monsters and defend humanity.

Now that you’ve changed from being a regular person to a superhero, the entire game changed. The future of humanity is now in your hands. Construct a barrier between the people and the monster.

Features of Dislyte mod apk

Sharp visuals and audio

Dislyte has better visuals than contemporary goods in the same genre, it might be argued. The game has a vibrant 3D graphics engine with a rock aesthetic. The UI and all of the game’s sceneries are a little science-fiction because it is set in the future. Esper also has a significant impact on the experience when it is built on renowned figures from many cultures.

dislyte mod apk features

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Outstanding qualities

Dislyte features full character development capabilities because it is an RPG. Being a tough runner through every mode to climb up is the most effective strategy to aid your Espers in developing their skills. As a result, you can collect resources like stones, money, and alimony. These materials can also be used to make Relics, Breakthroughs, Resonance, and level-up items, all of which help your characters fight more effectively.

Various game modes

The player must complete an unlimited list of missions that are mainline-based throughout the game. Dislyte offers a variant that is incredibly difficult to play, in contrast to other games in the same genre. The prizes you receive when you win the game are quite helpful.

Dislyte, an online strategy game, offers a wide variety of games in both PVP and PVE modes, such as Ranked Warriors, Clans, scaling towers using Spatial Tower, or engaging in a sequence of bloody combat in Cube Miracle.

Character improvement

Espers can be categorized into many types according to their fundamental battle strength and power-up usage. Legendary, Epic, and Rare are some distinguishing characteristics. Players compete against a group of 5 Espers in each combat. The player chooses an Esper based on the approach and the strategy of the opponent. It’s important to note that each player must choose an Esper to lead their squad. Each captain has a special ability that only those with epic and legendary skills possess, which gives him a distinctive power for the team.

Playing a deep strategy game

Bring together the best group of warrior heroes. You will experience the rush of battle as you defend the city against the upcoming assault. Utilize your knowledge and talents to convert a negative circumstance to your advantage as you iteratively adjust and refine your strategy.

Installation of Dislyte mod apk

Follow the steps to install.

  • First, remove the Dislyte app from your smartphone.
  • Then click the download link to get the Dislyte Mod Apk.
  • Then, go to Android Settings > Security.
  • Here, enable the “Unknown Sources” option, which requests permission to install programs from third parties.
  • Activate it.
  • Install it.
  • Simply open the game (Dislyte Mod Apk) after installation.
  • Enjoy.


This unique role-playing game by LilithGames includes strategic hero battles and 3D graphics. At the close of the twenty-first century, a new danger poses itself to the planet in the form of celestial objects from which monsters erupt and overtake towns. Only a group of heroes will be able to repel these unknown invaders, assemble the greatest warriors, and advance through each level to purge the nation. As part of a quest to save the Earth, a group of half-magicians and half-scientists known as the Nexuses developed extraordinary abilities.


What's new

  • Bug Fixes
  • Relic Reset feature added
  • VR Battlegrounds added
  • Union Academy Stages added
  • Quick Equip and Unequip for Relics added


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1. Tap on the downloaded Dislyte mod apk download for free APK file from kingMasterApk.com

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps given on the information page.

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