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In the simulation game Citampi Stories MOD APK (Unlimited Money), you have to start a new life in the village of Citampi and locate your ideal girl. In the life simulation game Love Life RPG, the player assumes the role of the protagonist who must leave his family to pay off his parent’s debt. You will set aside some time to travel to a new city and discover it on your own in search of a new life. In a manner comparable to real life, you will simultaneously travel to the locations you desire and locate the necessary locations.

Review of Citampi Stories Mod Apk

A simulation and role-playing game with more than a million downloads are called Citampi Stories. Your parents owe your character a lot of money, therefore you must repay them. You recently relocated to Citampi to find happiness.

You can enjoy Restaurant Paradise Mod Apk Unlimited Money. For those with a craving, there is a game called Restaurant Paradise Mod Apk. They run the restaurant and are active in its management to generate enough money.

However, as your adventure progresses, you discover things that are far more priceless than bliss. You can meet attractive girls and hang out with them. Meet the woman of your dreams and begin your love tale.

We have unlocked every job so you can choose the one you want. Find a girl to settle down with so you can establish a family. She needs to be asked to become the mother, wife, and bride of your children.

With the new app Citampi Stories, you can write stories to share with your friends. You can write your story using one of the available templates or design your own, then share it with your friends. An app called Citampi Stories was created to enhance the fun and excitement of reading. Several different stories in the app will keep you engaged. When you have some free time or while waiting in line or during your commute, you can read them. You may also share the stories on Citampi Stories with your friends using a built-in feature.

Both the App Store and Google Play Store provide the app without charge.

Features of Citampi Stories Mod Apk

The followings are the features;

Connect with beautiful girls

You will get the chance to engage with seven female characters who have utterly alluring looks, which is an interesting point made by Citampi Stories. You can find the first chick in a McDonald’s fast food establishment. You can then engage with this individual, but you shouldn’t make any decisions regarding their emotional development just yet. Discover who you like by looking for other girls. The game’s creator will specify a time in real life when you can wed and start a family with the female you want.

Leaving home to pay off parents’ loans

A family in Bojong Lima Village is the focus of Citampi Stories, but one issue they have is unmanageable debt. The son must travel to the city of the creditor, which is also where the main character has started a new life, to find a solution to this issue. He does not agree that the creditor’s daughter is completely in love with him, but he also does not desire a union that does not start in love.

Before leaving the house, the player will be given a necklace that belonged to the mother of the main character, helping to partially alleviate the cost issue.

Construct your house

Citampi Stories will assist you in conducting your investigation and then let you come to your own conclusions. You will now begin a life without your parents’ protection as simply the two of you. You’ll have to go to work every day and try out various positions. In addition, you are responsible for managing every aspect of family life, including major household expenses like the water and energy bills. You will eventually realize how challenging these professions are. Not only that, but you and your wife also need to start a family of three. Come here and discover a new life filled with adventures and challenges.

Grow Children

In Citampi Stories, you can finally welcome your first kid into the world when you’re ready and your wife is as well, beginning a new chapter in your love story. Take careful care of the infant as he or she develops into a male or girl as a toddler.

Playing with your children allows you to educate them on how to assist you with various home chores.

Pursue A Career

In Citampi, there are numerous things you may do to develop your character and earn money. In your garden, you can plant and grow a variety of fruits and vegetables. Additionally, you can go fishing, have a pet, scrounge for stuff, hunt for treasure, etc.

In Citampi town, there are a lot of tales regarding your persona. To view all personality types and earn several gifts, you must complete the objectives and quests in all of those stories while having unlimited energy.

Installation of Citampi Stories Mod Apk

Follow the steps to install.

  • You must first remove the current version of the Minecraft game from your smartphone.
  • Then click the download button below to get Citampi Stories: Love Life RPG Mod Apk.
  • Go to Android Settings > Security after downloading the Citampi Stories: Love Life RPG Mod apk app.
  • Here, enable the “Unknown Sources” option, which requests permission to install programs from third parties. Activate it.
  • To begin the installation, go back to the download folder and click the apk file.


Have you ever desired to have access to your favorite Citampi stories on a mobile device? With the introduction of Citampi Stories Mod Apk, you can now. Players can lose themselves in stories of romance, adventure, and mystery with this free software. There is something for everyone with more than 50 different stories to explore. Download the Apk right away if you enjoy Citampi and want to add its rich storytelling experience to your library of mobile games.

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